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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pre Order Book 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States - Travelling Story Of Jubanaswa Mishra

About This Book-

In 2013, Jubanashwa embarked upon a experiential journey of doing 28 jobs in 28 states of India to rediscover himself. This journey entailed traveling 25,000 km, and he explored a long list of jobs like mountain cleaner, TRP analyst, tattoo artist, rafting trainee, and cremation assistant. 

Twenty eight is an age at which the society expects you to 'settle down', but an unknown force propelled him to undertake this journey instead. He could not get over his very first love, and he believed he was destined to meet her again. 

The book takes you through a diverse range of experiences, like the Israelis who live a high life in Himachal, the community from Mizoram who claim to be the lost Jews, Bollywood glamour just before a movie's release, or the Buddhist monk's life in a monastery. 

This book presents a message to youngsters to chase their dreams instead of entering blindly into the stereotypical professions of engineering or medicine.



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